PAX East 2022 announced

As with the other in-person PAX events, it will require vaccination proof and masking.

PAX East has always been a huge event though and while I’m excited to go to PAX Unplugged next month, I’m not as sure about East yet.

I google the estimated attendance for both events and, according to Reed Pop’s website, PAX East brings in 130,000 over 4 days while Unplugged is 30,000 over 3 days (these are all estimates and pre-2020). So, yeah, slightly more popular event.

Still plenty of time to decide though, even if they do limit badges, I think West had plenty still available up to the day so I have a feeling East will be the same.

And, of course, if Oxboxtra is there, I’m going…

What are your thoughts on the bigger Cons coming back? Too soon? Are the precautions enough? Will they ever feel 100% safe again?

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