I’ve played a bit: Tangle Tower

I received a new iPad as a gift and it came with 3 months of Apple Arcade. I was thrilled to see several games from my wishlist in the collection – Tangle Tower was one of them.

I didn’t know much about the game going in except that the art looked unique and it was a point and click. Steam had suggested it to me and I had it on my list.

I’ve played several hours now and I was pleasantly surprised to find it is fully voice acted and has a great soundtrack! You play as Detective Grimoire and Sally, investing a murder that took place in a locked room in the tower. The overall mystery is intriguing and the character design for each resident of the tower is unique.

There are several puzzles throughout, and each of them has a different twist. I’ve enjoyed solving each one and it’s so satisfying hearing the little “ding” that lets you know you got it right!

It reminds me of a Tim Burton and Wes Anderson film blended together – this macabre murder story but this very eccentric cast of characters, lots of bright colors and strange decor.

If you have Apple Arcade, I highly suggest playing it, but if you don’t, it’s worth picking up on whatever platform you play on. It’s perfect as a mobile game to take with you (though bring your headphones) but it would work well on a desktop too – just make sure your screen is high resolution because the game us just very pretty and well animated.

Find out more on the Tangle Tower website!

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