Winding down or out of steam?

When I wake up in the morning or while I’m at work, I think of all these cool things I want to post about on here, but then I get home and eat dinner (maybe a bit too much) and have a hot cup of tea and a cookie and I’m just like…done.

I don’t think the winter darkness is helping much with my motivation to sit and write out long-form posts. There’s a weak one coming on Wednesday of my GoodReads year in review (my reading also suffered from a bit of a wind down/out of steam around the end of Fall…just lost all my motivation to curl up with a good book and would just curl up and sleep).

I mean, this is the time of year to post all the “best of” “favorite” and “top ten” lists. But I just don’t have the energy. I hate to say it is a “resolution” to start regularly posting again, but maybe?

This year was weird when it came to social media. I tried very hard to stay active on Dreamwidth/Livejournal but couldn’t make the time to read posts like I used to…eventually the guilt of never reading anyone else’s entries made me not even want to post on the site myself. Seemed unfair to hope someone would read my drabble when I had barely had time to skim theirs.

My activity on Discord also took a nosedive after the year that was 2020 – I lived on Discord for so much of that year, making friends groups for live stream viewings and game nights. But then I got greedy and started adding lots of random Discords from game developers and work began to get busy again and I found myself suffering from the same guilt as with the blog posts – why should I try to talk on Discord groups when I don’t have time to keep up with any of them myself?

I was probably most active on Instagram where I discovered the board game side of things after randomly posting a few pictures of games with the hashtag. They are a lovely and welcoming bunch and I soon filled my feed with other people obsessed with my new hobby from around the world. It was strange to be surrounded by people who were “content creators” with posts with a purpose. I then went over to TikTok and searched for the same hashtag and found even more people to follow there who posted just about board games.

I think I am actively talking to more people via Instagram or direct message on Discord now than anything else. Actual conversations, not just comments/likes on a post. I’ve started to form some relationships that I think I can qualify as friendships, even if they are only sporadic notes back and forth every now and then. If I can do better at maintaining them in 2022, maybe there will be some other board game obsessed humans I can meet up with next year.

LOL when I started typing this I thought it was just going to be a paragraph and then a photo of my top TV shows of the year…guess I had more on my mind than I realized…

So…how is everyone else doing as this year slides to a close?

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