Solo ttrpgs – should I share my play through?

Over the past year, I have purchased many solo ttrpgs, but despite my best intentions, I’ve yet to make time to play them. I keep meaning to set aside an hour on the weekend or during my lunch break at work, but then I end up gravitating towards YouTube videos or video games to distract myself.

But I was thinking of trying to chronicle my play through on here, as a way to encourage myself to play, but I’m not sure anyone would be interested in reading them.

I have horror stories, fantastical journeys and other adventures. Many of them are journaling stories that have prompts which could easily be done once a week or once a day.

For example, Anamnesis should arrive in my mailbox this week (well, the physical copy, I have the PDF but there is something about sitting down with a book and cards that feels right to me rather than my tablet).

Description of Anamnesis from page

So, would you read that if I typed it up? Let me know in the comments!

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