Board Games Played in May 2022

Well, look who didn’t update much in May? Was it me. Yes…yes it was. This month has been super busy at work and just haven’t had much down time where writing an post was going to happen.

But I made time for board games.

I always have time for board games.

Mostly because I can play Board Game Arena at any time, any place.

BGA Stats for May – 120 games, 19 victories

Still playing Dice Throne at work. I should probably teach them some other games to branch out, Dice Throne just work so well in our 45 minute lunch break! I think I’m getting better at strategizing, actually had a winning streak for a few days!

We played the official mod of Wonderland’s War on Tabletop Simulator and I NEED IT. Eventually. I love the whole vibe of it and once everyone at the table knows what they are doing, it moves pretty quick. And I just know having those physical chips in the bag and pulling them out each battle will be SO satisfying. The hype was real. Plus, the artist is the same one as Dice Throne!

I played TEN and Cartographers at a game day at my FLGS Games & Stuff. It was a total blast and I’m hoping I can make another one soon. I could have spent the whole day there, and I think next time I will. Also, I want Cartographers now because it’s a great twist on the flip and write…like Welcome To meets Patchwork.

Under Falling Skies is actually a SOLO board game and I spent a whole evening battling the alien invasion. I’m not quite ready for campaign mode yet, but I’m looking forward to improving my score and maybe one day surviving to the end.

Finally picked up LotR: Journey to Middle Earth again. Hadn’t played since I got it in March. I decided to start the campaign over with just Legolas and Gimli – a bit of “the further adventures of” story. I didn’t manage to find the first camp before nightfall but what I really like about this game is that you don’t FAIL and have to start over. The app just remembers that you didn’t get 100% on the mission and the next mission you have consequences – Legolas and Gimli don’t get to sneak in to the encampment next mission, their presence will be known, increasing the challenge a bit but that was there fault for getting stuck in the mud so many times (due to Gimli’s armo causing him to lose a stat…ugh that messed me up).

Should get a few more games to the table in June – I’ve got a game day with friends set up and I just ordered Viticulture World which has a new solo mode for Viticulture. And maybe some new Kickstarters will show up, since things in China are slowly moving again (knock on vaccinated wood).

Did you play any board games this past month? And new discoveries or old favorites get on the table? Tell me more!

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