Board Games I played in June

I’ve been having fun on TikTok making little board game montages at the end of the month. Yes, I used THAT song. It is THE song for June 2022.


Had to use this song because it was THE song this month, yeah? Any games you want to know more about? Yes, I played a LOT of Dice Throne. #boardgames #dicethrone

♬ Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) [2018 Remaster] – Kate Bush

Board Game Arena Highlights:

  • learned to play Jaipur and I am a little obsessed. So simple but so fun.
  • I was invited to a game of Carnegie but it was so crunchy that my teeth hurt. Plus, the theme just didn’t really hit for me. I think it would be easier to learn on a real table, where I can see the flow of things. Sometimes when a game is BIG, the computer screen doesn’t cut it (yet I somehow came in second place out of 4 so…).
  • Draftasaurus has quickly become a favorite and I plan on picking up a physical copy.

Tabletop Simulator Highlights:

  • Played Wonderland’s War several times. I have decided the optimal player count is 3-4, any more and the turn times become too long in-between. Any less, and there isn’t enough player interaction. But this is on my watch list. Rumor has it a new Kickstarter is already in the works for an expansion and if the deluxe edition is part of that, I might have to go all-in.
  • I like Marvel United on TTS, but I probably wouldn’t buy all the bits and bobs. So many MINIS! But I liked the co-op game play.
  • We tried Septima on TTS since the Kickstarter was still going. I liked it but opted to not back it since my FLGS said they might get copies. I love the artwork and the whole look of it, but I wasn’t sure if I liked the flow of game play. It was still in a playtest mode, the rule had not been finalized, which meant getting clarification on the different quirks of the rules was harder than usual.

On the Table Highlights:

  • I am in love with Dice Throne. We have been playing it at least once a week at work and the variety of the games never ceases to surprise me. I plan on picking up Season 2, Marvel, and Adventures at some point, hopefully at PAXU.
  • My co-worker brought in Labyrinth, a game I had seen on shelves but had never played. It was a lot of fun and a great family game. I can see why it is so popular and why companies love slapping their IP on it.
  • I FINALLY got a physical copy of Viticulture – I ordered the special Wine Crate box and Viticulture World and grabbed Viticulture and Tuscany on sale. I have played a few games solo now and it is so satisfying to move those wine tokens up each year and race to catch up with the Automa.
  • I’ve had Roll Camera and Project L for far too long on my Shelf of Opportunity so I sat down and did a few solo games with them. Both were a lot easier to pick up then I thought they would be! I look forward to playing Roll Camera with friends, it is a fun co-op game and pretty simple to teach. Project L‘s Tetris pieces make me very happy.

What did you play this month? Any standout games? Do you have any games lined up for July? (I’m hoping to teach my brother how to play ‘Jaws’ since we love the movie.) Let me know in the comments or link to your blog!

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