I’ve Played a Bit: Resident Evil 2 (2022)

I originally typed up this post for Monday but apparently Umbrella Corp wasn’t happy with me posting my thoughts before finishing my first play-through.

I’ve fixed that now.

It took me about 9 hours to get through my first game of Resident Evil 2 with Raccoon Police Department Rookie Leon Kennedy. But it was quite a wild ride!

RE2 is such a fantastic game, even though I’ve only scratched the surface (after finishing my first play-through, a pop up appeared to inform me I had unlocked a 2nd Game mode that would be different experience with Leon!) It has a fantastic mix of story, action, and puzzles, which is what makes Resident Evil such a solid series. I’m a big ol’ scaredy cat when it comes to horror, but these games have me hooked. Do I sit and gasp, jump, and maybe scream when zombies jump out of dark corners at me? Yes, but I power through to find out more!

It is a beautiful game, despite all the blood and gore and undead. The rain on Leon’s bloodstained face as he stands outside is rendered in such gorgeous lighting…

This is my first time playing RE2 at all – I believe I watched a friend play through the original back in the day but was too scared to pick up the controls myself. Since then, I have developed an odd fondness for this franchise, playing through the RE4, RE5, and most of RE6 back in the day and now RE: Biohazard, along with the RE Remaster. I hoped to pick up RE2 and RE3 during a recent Steam sale and once I finish those, Village will be next!

To my great shame, I never managed to get the magnum! Not sure how I managed to survive it all, but I did complete it on normal mode, avoiding the offers to turn on assists after getting smacked around in the boss fights – which usually just took me a few deaths to figure out.

I can’t wait to dive back in as Claire soon! The final moments of Leon’s game hinted at her adventure, but I have NO idea what her story is about.

Have you played any Resident Evil games? What was your favorite? Are you excited for the Resident Evil 4 remake coming soon that will make it all align with this sort of new RE Universe? Let me know in the comments!

Okay, here’s one more screenshot of Leon… he’s a bit of a naive boy scout in this game, but I’ll forgive him because of his fabulous hair:

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  1. […] I played through Resident Evil 2 last year several times. If you’re not familiar with that installment of the horror franchise, there are two character options at the start of the game which have different story lines. Leon Kennedy, the new Racoon City Police rookie who arrives to find the city overrun with zombies, and Claire Redfield who is trying to find her brother, a member of the RPD. After you play through both of these character’s stories for the first time, you unlock yet ANOTHER play through with additions to the story and also a few bonus vignettes games. Suffice it to say, it may be a short game, but there is a LOT of game to go back for. […]


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