Happy Ten Years @outsidexbox !!

One of my favorite YouTube channels, OutsideXbox is celebrating their ten year anniversary today! I stumbled across this channel in 2015, my partner randomly clicking on it while looking through YouTube recommendations for evening viewing, never suspecting that I would become OBSESSED with the channel and eventually their sister channel OutsideXtra.

A lot has happened in that time for the channel. They started playing Dungeons & Dragons on a whim during their fifth anniversary celebration, which quickly turned into regular actual play events which have now spawned merch and they are even included in official D&D lore. They even started a podcast, which just recently went over 100 episodes!

If it had not been for OutsideXbox’s influence, I don’t know if I would have ever dabbled in the world of TTRPGs. Their style has always been one of having fun and telling a story together and less about the min/max characters or fighting styles. They also have an actual play for a very different role-playing game, Blades in the Dark:

One of my favorite memories was meeting the OutsideXbox and OutsideXtra team at PAX East 2019. It became the focal point of that weekend, getting to see the actual plays and lining up for the meet & greet. They were just as lovely in person as on the screen and I just really appreciate all the time they took with each fan to chat and take photos and just genuinely be awesome.

And then, of course, 2020 happened. OutsideXbox and OutsideXtra played a huge role in keeping my spirits up these past few years. They were the laughter in the background while I worked and my escape on weekend mornings as I tried to find a happy place for a few hours.

So I wanted to shout it: THANK YOU OUTSIDEXBOX AND OUTSIDEXTRA! Jane, Andy, Mike, Luke and Ellen – your silly streams, quick list videos and Oxventure podcast banter are always a bright spot in my day. You all make me laugh. Special shout out to Jane and Ellen, it was such a thrill to see you both on the channels and feel represented as part of the gaming community, something teenage me always felt set her apart from the group.

I know the odds are slim I will see you all in person any time soon, so sending you virtual hugs, extra cake, and even more likes and subs in the future. Here’s to many more!

P.S. if you’re reading this close to the posting date, you can pick up a limited edition Oxboxtra pin on InsertCoin to celebrate and raise funds for Special Effect charity. There is also an OxBox Supporters Club on Patreon that just launched.

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