Game Night: Marvel United

I have a gaming group that meets every Monday night online.  We are scattered across the U.S. but through the magic of Tabletop Simulator and Board Game Arena, we play board game together! 

Tonight, we played Marvel United – Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, and Ghost-Spider versus Ultron! It was close, Ultron only had a couple more turns before he would destroy us all, but Ghost-Spider managed to swing around and land that final punch! 

I really like this game. I actually picked up a used copy of the first box (there are a LOT of them) so I could try it out with my IRL friends. It is a solid co-op game and a quick teach.  Also, I love the chibi-esque art style, the cartoony look separating it from the MCU movies that I’ve grown tired of. This is an adorable animated world with its own stories and lore. 

There are a ridiculous number of expansions so if you have a favorite Marvel hero or villain, you can probably find a game that includes them.  Plus all the expansions are compatible with each other, so once you buy the X-Men set, they can battle against Ultron or Iron Man and Hulk and attempt to defeat Magneto.

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