Board Games I Played in October

This was a really good month for getting games on the table – I had at least two game sessions at work each week, a game night with friends, and my partner even played with me! On top of that, my Monday Night online game group managed to meet every Monday for games and I’ve joined another group that plays on Tuesdays, so I snuck in a few more plays there.

I also had some severe FOMO after so many friends received there Final Girl boxed sets, so I broke out my copy and played a couple games. I did not defeat Dr. Fright, but I won’t give up! Same with Burgle Bros, which I became a little obsessed with this month and my online group tried over and over to pull of the heist. We did when when playing in real-time but async co-op is hard.

Oh, and I lost at Root a couple times too on the digital app, which I always forget to log on BGG!


This was a good month for games! Actually got Tim to play a few with me, had friends over for a Saturday night, broke out solo mode for a few, joined the TikTok board game club plus still playing on Monday nights online and at work Weds-Fri! #boardgames #games #CapCut

♬ Halloween ・ cute horror song – PeriTune

Any games here you would like to know more about? Let me know in the comments! What did you play this month?

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