5 days until PAX Unplugged

Of course, I have a list of games I am hoping to pick up at PAX Unplugged. This is a great opportunity to buy directly from the publisher, and usually they have promo cards or other bonuses for stopping by the booth. Plus no shipping!

PAX Unplugged Shopping List:

  • Not So Neighborly by FamBam Games
  • Delicious by Pencil First Games
  • Dice Throne Season 2 or Marvel by Roxley (not sure which one yet…)
  • Final Girl ~ another expansion, probably the Happy Trails box

Not So Neighborly just has a great stories of two sisters who were stuck home in 2020 and decided they would design a game! They created it, launched a Kickstarter and here it is! I follow them on TikTok and met them at a game night at my FLGS, before they had copies of their game in-hand to sell. But now they have them and they will have a booth at PAX so I want to support them. Plus, this game looks like fun.

Delicious by Pencil First Games – I love roll and writes and this one is even good for you (because vegetables)! Everything I’ve heard about this game has been thumbs up, positive, so fun. I have Herbaceous and my friend has Floriferous and they are quick, simple games that have just enough strategy to keep you playing.

I’ve been hooked on Dice Throne ever since I played it last year at PAXU. I love the whole look, the style, the head to head combat, the push your luck aspects but you have just enough to manipulate the rolls with the cards in your hand. The back and forth as you try to defeat your opponent. Ugh, just SO GOOD and always fun.

I have Season 1 and I adore it. I’ve been eyeing up Season 2 for awhile, just to try out the other characters but then Marvel Dice Throne came out this year and even though I’m not a huge Marvel fan it just looks GOOD.

So I will debate back and forth about which one I will pick up. Or maybe I will resist! (yeah right, who am I kidding?)

Final Girl is another one that I picked up last year and I’ve played a bunch of it this year. I’d like to pick up a new Girl/Killer expansion box, just to have options. The “starter” set, Camp Happy Trails, was sold out last year and I think I’d like to get that one to see if it is any easier to survive. Plus, the whole thing with the game is you can switch up the killers and locations and girls for a different experience.

I don’t doubt I will stumble upon other games that pull me in. Last year, I picked up “Dice Miner” and LOVED it. But these are the games that are already on my radar.

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