4 days until PAX Unplugged!!

HYPE HYPE HYPE! I am most likely at work right now and totally unable to focus on anything, just a loop in my brain going “soon soon soon”

One of the great things about PAX Unplugged is that it is a chance to get together with other games and try out games you’ve been wanting to play, but just haven’t had the chance. Or games you know how to play but perhaps your in-person gaming group hasn’t been ready to try.

PAX Unplugged (and all the PAX conventions actually) have a Board Game Library that is open all day, all the way until midnight on Friday and Saturday and until 6pm on Sunday. While it doesn’t contain every game known to man, it does have a LOT of games. It’s a chance to sit down and play with other people, sometimes people will be willing to teach you or play with you for the same reason – they’ve been wanting to try it but no one they know will play.

Here are some games that I would really like a chance to play in-person at PAX Unplugged:

  • Root
  • Wonderland’s War (I might bring my own copy…)
  • Cat In a Box
  • Twilight Inscription
  • Welcome To the Moon
  • Obsession (personal copy)
  • Dice Throne
  • Crokinole (it has it’s own ZONE!)
  • Kites

Pretty much all the games in the First Look zone and PAX Rising Showcase

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