2 days until PAX Unplugged! – Tik Tok friends

I just need to get through one more full day of work (which will be a hard one because it’s my night shift and nights at the library can be long and slow, especially in December…ugh I hope I’m not jinxing myself by saying this). I’m driving up to Philadelphia on Thursady so 1 day of work, 2 days until official PAX but unofficially, shenanigans start on Thursday.

I’ve add a few more fun things to my to-do list for the weekend. Several online friends and board game TikTok/Instagram people have confirmed their attendance so I’m hoping to say hello to them, at the very least.

Online board game site/app Sovranti is hosting Sushi Go Golf and a bunch of my favorite TikTok people are competing, so I have now added that to my Friday schedule:

Speaking of, here are a handful of some of my favorite board game people on Tik Tok! If you want to brighten up your FYP (and confuse the algorithm) give them a follow!

Seppy (@fightinabox) – Seppy posts updates daily, along with regular “live” sessions with other board game tiktok designers and gamers. He’s all about creating a positive space in the community, encouraging discussion, support and enthusiasm for fellow gamers.


I do pitch in, but then I never get to play in person. #boardgame

♬ Struggle – MADFISH

Dani Board Games (@dani_standring) – Dani is an awesome human and just a huge geek. She loves board games and video games and embracing being a goofball while drinking coffee… lots of coffee.

AzkadorkableGamer (@theazkadorkablegamer) – Azkadelia’s tiktok is a beautiful mix of trending sounds mixed with board games, impromptu unboxings, delightful little moments and also some real life stuff when stuff needs to be said.

Mondo Davis (@gamesbymondo) – I honestly wish I could remember how I found Mondo’s tiktok? I was really new to the app and I must have stumbled upon his page while browsing the #boardgame tag. Mondo is a game designer but he’s also a great ambassador for the hobby. I’m so excited about ‘Color Field’, which is coming to Kickstarter in 2023!

Becky (@rainbowrabbitscards) – Becky created an awesome game called “Rainbow Rabbits” and her TikToks focus on running that little “small business” out of her home, along with just some happy bunny dances and silly stories. Lots of insight into what it takes to make a board game here, but also lots of humor and she is always willing to chat!


#Inverted just in case it isn’t clear. my + rules = 💀

♬ original sound – Nick Martin

Five is a good number, right? If you want to read about more TikTok board game people, let me know and I’ll do another post! I follow a LOT of them now because TikTok is my happy place where all the news 24/7 is board games, with only a dash of reality.

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