November in Board Games

Board Game Arena stats – as usual, played lots of games, did not win most of them.

Am I a little bit obsessed with Obsession? Maybe. BGA makes it so easy to play and I’ve had an endless round of rematches going with one player for the last month, changing up our starting family each time.

I also have a 2-player Viticulture game that we have rematched several times, though I have to say I am not sold on the game in 2-player mode. It does really limit you since only one spot is available for each action.

And I finally watched a video on how to play Space Base and Kervin taught me Get On Board so those are a LOT more fun now that I have some strategy.

My favorite new game of this bunch is Boomerang: Australia, which my friend Kervin showed me. It is similar to Sushi Go in the card drafting but has a few other things to think about. It’s quick and addictive and I could probably play several rounds in a single sitting if it was more popular on BGA.

For physical games that made it to the table, I did a few games of Final Girl and I managed to defeat Dr. Fright in at least one of them. I also received my Kickstarter copy of Dice Throne: Santa v. Krampus.

Cartographers is a lunch time favorite and I have now picked up all the expansions at PAX so the game will have infinite replayability and strategy as time goes on.

Kervin taught my tabletop group Dog Park, a super popular Kickstarter and winner of the Tabletop Games award at PAX. It’s really cute and definitely shares some DNA with Wingspan but it really is it’s own game. Also omg so many cute doggos, I can’t even. There are like 200 cards in the deck…it is ridiculous.

December will have a LOT of variety with all the games I played at PAX Unplugged logged along with anything I can get to the table over the holiday break.

Any games from this list you want to hear more about? Let me know in the comments!

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