Reading Goal 2023 – 23 books!

GoodReads likes to call it a challenge, but let’s just go with Reading Goal.  

Honestly, 2020 broke my ability to read long form books and I don’t feel like I’ve ever fully recovered. I did managed to read two books from The Expanse series last year but those 600+ page tomes took up most of my nights. After that, I slipped back into comics and things I could get through in a matter of days. I had a few other novels in the mix, but not as many as I used to read back pre-pandemic.

By the end of 2022 though, I got back into audiobooks and that changed everything! I listened to two books in a couple months and it felt so good to finally get to those stories. 

So I’m going to keep it simple this year – 23 books. I’m hoping I can beat this “challenge” and go beyond that, but sometimes you have to set the bar kind of low just to have that thrill of jumping clean over it.

A friend asked if I had tried Storygraph, which is a new reading log site. It looks very pretty and is not owned by Amazon so I’m going to give it a try. You can set a reading goal there as well, but it also gives you the option for a “page” goal and “hours” goal, which I quite like! Feels like all the things we discuss to make reading less of a chore during the Summer Reading Program at the library. I’ve set up the same book goal there. It lets you import your GoodReads data also so it created a year end wrap up for me!

Are you setting a reading goal for 2023? Do you find goals like this helpful?


  1. I’ve struggled with long books lately too, too many things fighting for attention. Though I did read the first two Expanse books too, accounting for about half of what I’ve read lately haha. I try not to set goals because I’ll just end up disappointed in myself

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    • I now treat the goals like those random objectives in board games – I have them at the start and if I happen to complete them during the year, it’s a lovely set of bonus points. HA!


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