Link: Forbes ‘Willow’ review

Isn’t it lovely when someone writes the ranty, rambly post on your behalf and hits all the points you have been wanting to make?

Forbes’ Erik Kain summed up a lot of the problems I have with the ‘Willow’ series.

Episode 7 was probably the most enjoyable episode so far, but that isn’t saying much as the bar is set SO low for this series that I’m happy when my eyes get a moment to settle after rolling back in my head so far.

Can they pull it all together for the finale? Will the ending surprise us? I don’t see any renewal announcements and considering how painful this show is to watch, I’m guessing it won’t get a second season…but if it did, that might be nice because they could rethink the whole approach. There is a plot under there somewhere, a story to be told. We just need writers that know how to WRITE and don’t just feel like they are copy+pasting from some weird “How To Talk Like a Teenager” booklet that was written by a 60-year old.

I will flip the table if someone says “Yo, new girl, where you at?” or anything similar. I know it is a fantasy realm and who isn’t to say people talk like that…but they don’t because the universe was established in the original film and NO ONE talked like that. So, stop.

His whole rant about the amount of girls in the show was a little concerning but the issue isn’t the girls/women – it’s just that there are TOO many characters. And none of them are developed.

Anyway…at this point, I’m not optimistic but I want to at least see where this is all going. Like I said, under all this garbage dialogue and bad rock music covers, there is a fantasy story with some of my favorite characters involved.

See you Wednesday, I guess!

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