Playin’ A Round’s 2023 Board Game Challenge!

Playin’ A Round’s 2023 Board Game Challenge!

I’ve said this many times – I don’t TikTok right which is why I have such an enjoyable experience on that site every day. My favorite corner to hang out in is board game tiktok and Teresa aka Playin’ A Round is one of the many great content creators hanging out there. She’s just an awesome ambassador for the hobby – I discovered her when she was doing a board game jargon series, explaining all the lingo used around table top games.

Since I plan on playing many games this year, I was excited when she posted her 2023 Board Game Challenge, challenging gamers to board game 100 different ways this year – playing different genres, incorporating different themes or bringing in some outside piece to expand the experience.

If you’re not following Teresa on Insta or TikTok, you should be! You can find all her info, along with the 2023 Board Game Challenge PDF, HERE on her Link Tree.

I’m going to try to include the games I’ve put into each category in my monthly board game updates so stay tuned! And I challenge YOU to try new games in 2023 with all of us!

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