Currently Playing: God of War (2018)

A friend at work was kind enough to lend me his copy of “God of War” (yay, physical media!) and wow. I had heard it was well done, but I was not expecting so many emotions. So much smarter than a reboot, this continues the story from the previous games, which were far more hack and slash and, to be honest, juvenile (I remember the first one had a “mini-game” that was essentially a sex scene that gave you health and stats boosts). But this game is for adults in the sense that you are going through all these emotions with Kratos as you watch him come to terms with his dead partner (not a spoiler, she’s dead at the start) and then setting off on a journey with his estranged son, Atreus, to scatter her ashes in the mountains.

This game feels so well-crafted. Lots of little cut scenes and walk and talk moments lets you see Kratos and Atreus’ relationship unfold and build. I did not expect to fight off a room of monsters, only to get a lump in my throat when Kratos almost put his hand on Atreus’ back, almost showed affection.

I’m only at the start of the game, so I am sure I will have more to say later and then I will borrow Ragnorak from the same friend and mainline that because I know I want won’t to let these boys go after this game ends.

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