Gamefound Backed for 2023

A couple years ago, there was a kerfuffle with Kickstarter when they made comments about using block chain and going into crypto currency which made a lot of creators decide to move off the platform. Around that same time, Gamefound and BackerKit, two major sites that usually just handle the processing of Kickstarter orders, created their own way to host crowdfunding. And so, my pledges to games are now scattered across three websites at least!

Here are the games that I backed on Gamefound that will HOPEFULLY be out in 2023:

Unmatched Storage System – lolz okay this is not a game, but it is a storage system for MANY games. Did I back this as an excuse to buy more Unmatch games? Maybe. Did I get the bonus cards and some sleeves even though I only own one Unmatched game at the moment…it is possible. But I love how well this storage works! I’ve gotten to the point where if I love a game, I will get a big storage solution and throw out the little boxes scattered around. The Unmatched titles are solid and I also like that they show other games fit inside these boxes (for example: Marvel United cards and minis) so it can be multipurpose!

Summt: The Board Game by Inside Up Games – I played the base game at PAX Unplugged 2021 and LOVED it. I loved that it could be co-op or versus, I loved that you built the mountain as you went, I loved the production value of the game. I kept thinking about how I wished I had picked up a copy when I was there… so when this dropped with a new expansion AND a big box for ALL the THINGS, I needed it. I even played the game again on TTS to make sure I still enjoyed it al and then I went all in.

Desperation by Bully Pulpit Games – It’s a gmless, card-based storytelling tabletop role-playing game with a horror twist and yes I backed it before I even finished scrolling down the page because those are all my check boxes.

Button Shy Reprint Campaign 2022 – I ADORE ButtonShy games. I really need to do a whole post about them, but I have a small collection now of solo games from them and picked up a few new ones at PAX this year. They are wallet sized, 18 cards, but SO much game in that little package. This reprint campaign was for ten games and all their expansions. Too good to pass up!

20 Strong by Chip Theory Games – I’ve been itching to get my hands on a Chip Theory game but all of them, especially their flagship Too Many Bones, come with very hefty price tags. And for good reason, the production value and game plays seems to always hit it out of the park. So when they announced this more “budget friendly” game, I had to investigate. AND it is solo which is how I play a lot of my games. I may not have backed at the most budget friendly level (I needed all the expansions RIGHT NOW because I have no chill) the price was a lot less than any other Chip Theory game and I know this is going to look so sexy on my shelf. Cannot wait, might be my most anticipated game.

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