IndieGoGo games arriving in 2023

I covered my Kickstarter and Gamefound items waiting to arrive (and a few have arrived since those posts! WOOHOO!) and thought I had covered all the crowd-funding sites I had used this past year…

Yoda with text “There is another”

and I realized I forgot about IndieGogo!

To be fair, it is a much shorter list. A lot of the things I have backed on IndieGogo were print-on-demand ttrpgs that were funded and filled relatively quickly so I have them already! But there are a few larger projects that I backed, oen especially that I am REALLY excited to get my hands on later this year. Let’s start with that one!

Yazeba’s Bed & Breakfast by Possum Creek Games – this is the next big thing from Possum Creek Games, the creators of the free-form, gm-less, award-winning storytelling game Wanderhome. Yazeba’s Bed & Breakfast is a role-playing game where you and your friends play as long-term residents of a forest witch’s magical hotel. Not only will is come in a beautiful printed format (yes, this is one of those scenarios where I could have backed for less than $20 and…well, let’s say I went a bit more than that) but One More Multiverse is designing an online experience around it so you can play with friends all over but still feel like you’re in the same space.

I am SO excited to play this. I listened to the podcast of a few scenarios that they put out while the campaign was going strong in March 2022 and just fell in love with the whole world. It is about friendship, found-family, and all the magic that comes from that. Plus, you know, some actual magic too.

Pitcrawler – I’ll be honest, I don’t remember how this one came across my radar! But once I read the description – a 2-palyer, tongue-in-cheek take on fantasy role-playing games, I decided I would back it. It was a smaller campaign and I felt like my money was going to support something unique and fun – a game meant to welcome people into the world and make it more accessible through humor.

The Book of Dreams – I am a bit of a sucker for any project that also benefits a charitable organization, letting me get something cool for my collection and knowing that the money went to not just the creators, but some other groups in need that I might not have known to donate to! This was circulating through ttrpg twitter at the time and it just looks like a unique game – puzzle books are not a thing I have so why not try it out and help out Doctors without Borders while I’m at it!

And that’s it! Just 3 games! But these are definitely special ones and hopefully they will all be arriving in Spring/Summer of 2023!

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