Board Games of January 2023

This was a great month for board games! I tried to make time on my weekends to unplug – I love computer games and video games but I find I really enjoy an hour or so at the dining room table with some tunes playing while I roll dice – with friends or on my own.

Here are the physical games I got to the table IRL:

Not listed, the playtest from Monday of a really cool social deduction game that is both in the very early stages but also super polished! I’m kind of bummed that it won’t be a physical game for awhile but I will post soon about “Get Fleeced” and how fun it was! I want to give it the attention it deserves.

The highlight for me here was Marvel United! I went to a special event at my Friendly Local Game Store, Games & Stuff, and participated in their Infinity Gauntlet challenge. It was a fantastic Saturday and I played with 3 other gamers I had never met before but were all delightful and we laughed and strategized and had a great time defeating Thanos together. 10/10 would do it again!

I found out that February there will be a Dice Throne tournament! I LOVE Dice Throne so I will attend that, though probably be eliminated immediately. But just the thrill of being in a group of other Dice Throne fans will be a lot of fun and I’m sure the eliminated people will continue to play unless they kick us out haha.

I actually had a dream last night about browsing Games & Stuff…when I was there there had a used copy of Hadrian’s Wall for sale and I didn’t buy it and I keep regretting it so in my dream I was trying to find that copy.

Next up, BOARD GAME ARENA! I continue to get my money’s worth out of this site, wracking up over a hundred games a month, revisiting old favorites and learning new ones all the time.

I was definitely still obsessed with Obsession in January, hosting parties with the Fairchild’s was the way to kick off my year. I also FINALLY learned how to play ‘Castles of Burgundy’ and ‘Cubirds’ after muddling through a couple games late last year. I never did figure out ‘Keyflower’ though…

I’m placing bets now but Castles of Burgundy might be my top game in February…hit me up if you want to play!

Want to know more about any of the games above? Let me know in the comments!

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