Saved on Kickstarter

I know I said I was going to slow down on crowd-funding projects in 2023 BUT I have a few that I just cannot miss! Here are the Kickstarter games I’m going to support this year (so far) and the reasons why:

Agueda: City of Umberllas, Donut Shop and Color Field, published by 25th Century Games

Why I am backing it: Because ‘Color Field’ was designed by my TikTok friend, Mondo Davis! He was my gateway into board game design tiktok, which is a VERY fascinating place and it is so satisfying to see one of his games actually being made! I have to support him! I’ve seen a few sneak peeks on his page and it just looks very pretty, the kind of game you set up and people stop to see what you’re doing because of the pretty.

Alice Is Missing: Silent Falls (Expansion), published by Hunter Games

I love ‘Alice is Missing’. It is one of my favorite role-playing game experiences of all time and I have experienced it SEVERAL times now and I’m always thinking about when I can play again. The GM-less collaborative storytelling game all done via texting while listening to a curated soundtrack is just…*chef’s kiss*

This expansion is going to add new characters, suspects and locations that you can mix and match with the original game, changing things up and creating new plot lines to explore. I cannot WAIT for this, it was teased awhile ago and I’m really excited that the funding is finally happening which means the game isn’t too far away.

Set A Watch: Forsaken Isles and Doomed Run, published by Rock Manor Games

Okay, yes, confession, I still have not played my Set a Watch: Swords of the Coin but this is the finale, the last game in a trilogy and I want to be there to make sure it gets funded!

Set a Watch was one of the first games I bought when I got obsessed with board games. It is a tough game, it can be played with 1-4 players and it takes a lot of thinking to get to that final card in the unhallowed deck. But I love the whole art and game play of it and I want this third game to be a reality!

Passengers by Joost Das

I playtested this game back in late 2020 and even on a virtual tabletop, it was a lot of fun. It’s sneaky deduction as you try to slip your demon souls down the river Styx. You can find more details and more of the awesome artwork on the game’s official page here.

I played it a couple times and I had a lot of fun and that was with total strangers online. I think in-person with friends, where you can see each other’s faces and crack up as you try to promise you’re not a demon … it will be even more fun.

I am currently trying not to look directly at all of the titles that just launched for ZineMonth because for some reason I have a weakness for indie ttrpgs…

Have you supported any games in 2023 on crowdfunding? Which ones?

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