Role-playing Games I Own

What else would a restless librarian do on her night off but start to catalog one of her collections?

I typed up this list of tabletop role-playing games that I own physical copies of. *mean it is a solo game or has a solo mode.

Is 50 a lot? Because I am up to 50 so far… and digital copies are worse because of all the bundles I have picked up for cheap on of discount games.

If you’re curious about any of these titles, let me know and I can tell you more!

Here there are in the order that I thought of them/saw them on my shelf tonight:

  1. Alice Is Missing
  2. Icarus
  3. Root
  4. The House Doesn’t Always Win
  5. Thousand Year Old Vampire*
  6. Anamnesis*
  7. Fedora Noir
  8. Fall of Magic
  9. Clever Girl*
  10. Mall Kids
  11. Campfire
  12. The Slow Knife
  13. Monumental Consequences
  14. The Last Supper
  15. Bucket of Bolts*
  16. Artefact*
  17. Orbital
  18. Quest
  19. Why the F*** Did They Keep This?*
  20. Labyrinth
  21. Monster of the Week
  22. Blades in the Dark
  23. Agon
  24. Wanderhome
  25. Dwelling*
  26. You’re (Not) A Wizard!
  27. Goblin Errands
  28. Lost Below the Earth*
  29. Kitchen Knightmares
  30. Delve: A Solo Map-Drawing Game*
  31. Rise: A Game of Spreading Evil*
  32. Apothecaria*
  33. Avatar Legends
  34. Ultimate Micro RPG Book
  35. Sleepaway
  36. Our Haunt
  37. Capers
  38. Secrets of the Vibrant Isle*
  39. Low Stakes
  40. Gravity Rip
  41. Cobwebs
  42. Long Haul 1983*
  43. Ten Candles
  44. Partners
  45. Heckin’ Good Doggos
  46. Remember Frankie?
  47. I Need You So Much Closer*
  48. Lay On Hands*
  49. Peril
  50. Epitaph
  51. Precious Little Animal
  52. Umbra
  53. Downfall
  54. Brindlewood Bay (2023)
  55. Exquisite Crime (2023)
  56. The Fall of Home (2023)
  57. Ocean Tides (2023)
  58. Perilous (2023??)

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