Mix Tape Memories

When I was little, my Mom’s friend made me a mix tape of random music. It was an eclectic collection – the first half was mostly songs from the Sesame Street album “In Harmony”, which was already a great collection of music featuring the Muppets and popular musicians. But the B-Side was full of buried treasures that I never heard anywhere else BUT on that tape.

Of course, it being a mix tape, I had no liner notes or clues of who they were. It was just “Robyn’s Mix Tape” with not additional information needed. Some of them I figured out over time – Pinball Wizard by The Who, for example (though I’m still not sure the version included on that mix, it’s a live performance and I’ve never found that exact performance…)

Now it’s 2023 and I have the magical ability to google song lyrics and find out the name and performer of a lot of these songs.

And I’m going to share them with you because, why they might not all be “bangers”, they are definitely a lot of fun and a peek into the music that shaped me.

First up (because it came up in conversation the other day when someone was talking about the hum of our HVAC system at work) – (Good Old Electric) Washing Machine by John Hartford (1943) !!!!!!

YouTube Video – Album Cover “RCA Country Legends John Hartford” (Good Old Electric) Washing Machine

What are some songs from your childhood that you have fond memories of but might not be on everyone’s playlist? Let me know in the comments or link me to your post!

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