Currently Reading: How to Sell a Haunted House by Grady Hendrix

Sometimes I take the risk of putting a popular book on hold and try my best to get through it in the 3-week checkout period. And how could I resist a title like this – How to Sell a Haunted House? (Plus, I read ‘The Final Girl Support Group’ last year and really enjoyed it!)

I’ve only just started, I think I’m 80 pages in, but it’s already got some spooky vibes going blended with some family drama. And, like so many good ghost stories, the protagonist is clueless at the moment, convincing herself that the tv magically turned on and that the creepy puppet just fell off the shelf.

Oh dear sweet Louise. Things are going to get CREEPY!

Here’s hoping the spookyness can last all 400 pages and that it has a good ending – landing the ending in horror is always the tricky part.

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