Games I Played in February

February was a really fun month for gaming at the table.

We visited friends we hadn’t seen in ages and I brought along ‘Decorum’ which is quickly becoming one of my favorite game to play with people who are new to the hobby and you want to keep them engaged with some player interaction. Yes, I splurged and got the deluxe edition with the acrylic pieces because they just make this already tactile game more fun.

We continued to play ‘Three Sisters’ as our lunch break game at work for the first half of the month, but then my coworker picked up ‘Sagrada’ at Barnes & Noble so we ended the month learning to play that game. It scratches that same itch as ‘Azul’ but with even more variation and I love it’s tiny little dice. Plus, it’s one of those games that is so aesthetically pleasing, everyone else in the lunch room would stop and ask us what we were doing.

We also played a couple games of ‘TEN’ at lunch, though I think that one is a more fun with 3+ players. 2 still works but the bidding isn’t quite as tense when there is just two of you going for a card.

I had some other friends over for an evening of games where I taught them ‘Point Salad’, ‘Splitter’ and ‘Viticulture’. This was probably not the correct order to present these games – getting ‘Viticulture’ on the table after 8pm wasn’t a good idea since we all had to work the next day. But they enjoyed it and asked to play it again next time, just earlier in the evening.

Games and Stuff (my FLGS) hosted a Dice Throne Event the last weekend of the month. As I expected, I didn’t win but I had a really fun time playing with other fans of the game. It was a really great afternoon! I’m bummed I’m missing out on the ‘Unmatched’ game weekend but I will be around for April’s Root game! I can finally play Root ON THE TABLE!!

Several solo games in the mix too: I enjoyed another monthly challenge of ‘Super Dice Heroes Saga‘ which is FREE to print and play at home, you just need some six-sided dice. I got ‘Votes for Women’ and ‘So, You’ve Been Eaten’ on the table too and both were really fun solo games that I want to play again soon.

I also played ‘Mirroring of Mary King’ sort of solo – I pretended to be both players to try to learn the rules but I counted it in my stats because it was a full game! And somehow this is fitting since the plot of the game is Mary trying to fight against being taken over by her ancestor’s ghost haha.

And our online board game group continued to meet up this month – we got a game in of ‘Marvel United’ (though we didn’t not defeat Magneto…perhaps he wasn’t the best to start with haha) and ‘Quacks of Quedlinburg’ which is quickly moving up my list of games I want to own.

And, of course, I was still chugging along on Board Game Arena – 143 games this month. Last month’s obsession with ‘Castles of Burgundy’ kept on going but I have now also learned ‘7 Wonders Duel’ and have been playing that a LOT.

What did you play in February? Let me know in the comments or link me to your post!

Want to know more about any of the games mentioned above? Let me know in the comments too!

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