book thoughts: How to Sell a Haunted House

I finished this last night, actually before the 3-week due date so that says something right there.

What I liked:

  • It was SPOOKY! Creepy dolls! Demented puppets! Things going BUMP in the dark!
  • It maintained the spooky pretty well for the 400 pages.
  • It was spooky-focused. Yeah, there was some family drama but it all tied into the setting and theme

What I would have changed:

  • I think it could have been shortened by about 100 pages. Once it got to where it was going, I could see the fat that could have been trimmed.
  • One less fight between Louise and Mark and Louise saying she was going to leave.

But overall I liked it, 8/10, solid horror book that has a decent pacing for building the tension without losing the plot. Louise and Mark are a bit much at the start, but it balances out eventually and the finale had some truly unsettling images.

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