PAX East 2023 shopping list

Ugh, they just tweeted out the merch for PAX East 2023 and…I want a lot of things:

I don’t need t-shirts (I mean, I probably don’t need any of it but that is beside the point) though the classic PAX logo returning for that PAX 50 shirt is very tempting…

During PAX Online 2021, I bought a nalgene bottle and I loved it and then I bought another one at PAX Unplugged last year…so I think that’s my new thing to buy. I love that this one has the different style mouth.

But I really like the cup too, it says BOSTON on it and I am starting to dig the 80s style.

Also…those keycaps are calling to me. My desktop keyboard has been wiped clean of many letters, especially WASD so those are calling to me. Plus the PAX slogan of “Welcome Home” always gets me emotional so I just want to see that every time I look down at my PC.

But also those 1985 dice…ugh, I don’t NEED more dice but 1985 dice are SO pretty and it’s PAX…I dunno, that might happen in the moment or might be a Sunday purchase – like if they are in stock, I will get them.

And OF COURSE I need the PAX East 2023 Pin set.

Are you going to PAX East? Anything catch your eye? (it will actually be up on the PAX website tomorrow too if there is something you want)

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