Board Games in March

March was a GOOD month for board games! Lots of in-person gaming with friend and at PAX East, plus on the actual table at home and work!

Most played games IRL:

  • Rolling Realms (7)
  • Sagrada (6)
  • Bandido (4)
  • Kites (4)
  • Splitter (4)

On Board Game Arena, the view is a little different

To be fair, I signed up for a ‘Castles of Burgundy’ tournament that was simultaneous play of MANY games over the course of a week. It was a lot of fun though, I am OBSESSED with that game.

Also, I’m giving Substack a try – a weekly newsletter/email. Right now I’m trying to focus JUST on board games and my collection, quick little entries on what I’m playing. I’m worried that WordPress just isn’t as big of a thing anymore – the app is clunky and I feel like most reading is done on the phone now so I’m hoping Substack will mean more readers and interactions!

If you’re interested, it’s free to subscribe – check me out here!

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