Board Games in April

Whoops! I apparently didn’t bother updating my blog all month! I’ve been playing around with Substack, which I kind of went all-in on after Musk made Twitter start to flag it as an “unsafe site”… because that’s just how I roll, embrace the underdog. (I’m posting about a board game in my collection each week, if you’re curious and want to get emails about that, you can sign up here)

ANYWAY – this month’s obsession on Board Game Arena was 6 nimmit! which I finally grasped the strategy behind and now I’m hooked. It’s such a simple premise but there’s so many ways to approach that next card. Hope you’re the lowest card for that row or sacrifice points to choose which cards you end up taking first.

Late in the month I discovered Spots which has adorable artwork combined with push your luck mechanics that immediately pulled me in.

Games on the table wasn’t as many as usual – busy weekends and work days kept me from solo Saturday games and lunch break games. BUT Long Shot: The Dice Game was a hit and I really enjoyed it. I also finally played a couple games of ButtonShy’s Skulls of Sedlec, which is a great little quick puzzle.

Cartographers was an event at Games & Stuff. We played 3 years in a row and as many times as I have played this game, it was my first time flipping the map over and playing on the cavern side and also the volcano map, which was a great challenge. I actually managed to have the highest score in the first year game! I also made an awesome friend with the gamer sitting next to me so BONUS! 😀

Hadrian’s Wall was a birthday gift to myself and it was one of my solo Saturday games. SO crunchy and delicious.

Speaking of delicious, Dollars to Donuts was a Kickstarter from 2022 and I FINALLY played it this month. It reminded me a bit of Calico but with less cats and more donuts, but still a puzzley game disguised as something adorable.

What did you play this month? Any new games make it to the table off of your shelf of opportunity? Let me know in the comments!

And I’ll try to update here more again but definitely sign up for my Substack experiment for pure board game geekery in your inbox.

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