what’s an orangerful?

It’s me!

I love the new Xbox avatars. I mean, I’m riding a frickin’ unicorn

Many years ago, when the Internet was new, my family and I sat around the computer, trying to think of a clever online name so we could chat with my grandparents over this new fangled thing called “AOL Instant Messenger”. My mom had gone through all the Star Wars and Star Trek references she could think of and in a moment of “oh I give up!” she typed in “orangerful” and it was available.

And I pretty much took over the AIM and have been orangerful every since.

I’ve been blogging all over for several years now. I caught the bug on Livejournal, dabbled in Tumblr, signed up for Twitter when it was just a little chickie. Right now, I’m playing with Pillowfort and trying to take things seriously with WordPress!

I am going to use this space to share my random thoughts on pop culture – books, games, movies, tv shows – whatever I’m amused by.

Thanks for reading!